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Internship Offer Letter from Digital Heroes


Congratulations, You have been selected for the internship and moving forward find your offer letter in the attachments below. Prepare your below mentioned documents.

1- Identity Type 1 ( PAN / Adhaar )

2- Identity Type 2 ( PAN if not submitted earlier/ Passport/ Driving License/ Bill, etc)

3- Bank statement ( Last 3 months) where you wish to receive stipend

4- Resume

5- Offer Letter

6- College ID Card.

All these documents should be self attested. Scan them and create a pdf of them. Submit the soft copy pdf in reply to this email and also bring in the hard copy when you next come to office(if not WFH). We look forward working with you.

Internship Offer Letter Template


I am pleased to extend the following offer of employment to you on behalf of Digital Heroes You have been selected as the best candidate for the Web Designing position.!

We believe that your knowledge, skills and experience would be an ideal fit for our  team. We hope you will enjoy your role and make a significant contribution to the overall success of Digital Heroes.

Please take the time to review our offer letter in the attachments and revert it back after signing it up. It includes important details about your compensation, benefits and the terms and conditions of your anticipated employment with Digital Heroes.

Suresh Purohit

Digital Heroes

Job Offer Letter Template
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Stipend Details

Hello Everyone!

All the interns are requested to fill up this quick form regarding your stipend !! Deadline for filling up the form is of today only, so complete it as soon as possible!

Form Link - https://forms.gle/RQxH5Li6e95SyKHv5

Form Link - https://forms.gle/RQxH5Li6e95SyKHv5
Doc of Bank details submission

Certificate Generation

Each Intern has to be given 2 Certificates both in PDF format.

Doc Certificate 2


Learn about Google ads and Youtube ads.1- set up and basic knowledge -- https://youtu.be/WmepvHQOHXg  

Google adwords -- https://youtu.be/b34mH9oHeJo2-

Youtube ads -- https://youtu.be/WI3tkgDE6uw

Ecommerce Training Continued

1- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wcya4owYilw  

Breakdown this video and take notes - Write in Points of all the things we do in this video and try to implement as much as possible. Later on you have to upload Notes in the form which will be given at the end of the day and keep it for your future references too..( 80% of the the Important Work we have to do lies in this video)

2- Learn about the most useful apps in SHOPIFY APP STORE and how to install them plus why we use them- Wheelio, Abandonment Protector, Discounted Upsell, Lucky Orange, Reconvert(Importance - They Increase no of sales, conversion rate, track user actions on our shopify store)

3- Learn how to connect Google Merchant account and link it with shopify by installing Google Channel App from Shopify Store(Reason- Here comes the Traffic Part- Because we will be driving customers from Google and Youtube to our online store where they will purchase from us)

Task 2 Questions form - https://forms.gle/eUBqJwtjwCnSgkwh6

Answers - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gN7CC-CW_PLtwl7MTYsOoYI0dJiw70-35Cb-zMtODM0/edit?usp=sharing


Go to groovepages sign up and create a web page about your Portfolio.

Create your Facebook page and implement messenger bot "Many chat" in your portfolio



10-DAY Training Process

Basic Information before Training-



Deadline of the task - 5 P.M.Interview might happen at the end of the task as well as a form will be floated so you can fill your details up

Payment Processing

1- Learn what is Stripe and Paypal and why it is important for every website/business/influencer out there

2- Create your own Paypal Personal Account but be sure to delete it after the training ends

3- Create your own Paypal button which accepts 100$ from anyone in the world

4- Learn what is paypal sandbox and how to integrate Paypal with websites to accept Payment.



Multilogin and Gologin

1. What is Multilogin and gologin, it's uses.

2. How multilogin and gologin avoids tracking of websites.

3. What is Ghostbrowser, it's uses. And how it's different from the two.

Shopify Store

Third step is that our team gather all of the tools needed for painting proccess and start working.

First study business model of Dropshipping- https://youtu.be/tqrwSwzza2M

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website on Shopify and complete it to the extent you could (Designing And Functionality Part)


How to build Shopify store- https://youtu.be/7pLKDttrxSY

The best wall painting service in New York City

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